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About the enterprise

On the enterprise we produce fruit wine by STB 950-2006 “Fruit wine fortified ordinary and fruit wine materials fortified ordinary treated. General specifications”, fruit wine of improved quality by STB 1695-2006 “Fruit wine fortified of improved quality and special process and fruit wine materials fortified vintage, with improved quality and special process treated. General specifications”, wine by State Standard 7208-93 “Wine and grape wine materials treated. General specifications”. All manufactured at the moment production are subjects to obligatory certification and it is certified in accordance with the established procedure. Certified production share in total aggregate industrial output is 100%.

For the purpose of ensuring pledging of security, improving of quality and competitiveness of our production, strengthening of economic potential of the enterprise, solving problems of further strengthening of customer confidence to our activity, improving of their satisfaction we have developed and adopted the system of quality management by STB ISO 9001 – 2001 under BY/112 05.01.0080 0981. Expiration date of the certificate is up to 17 August 2013.

"ОАО "Могилевоблпищепром" осуществляет продажу оборудования
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"ОАО "Могилевоблпищепром" осуществляет продажу следующего оборудования:

ОАО «Могилевоблпищепром» имеет для продажи
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ОАО «Могилевоблпищепром» имеет для продажи промышленное оборудование расположенное по адресу: г. Могилев, ул. Островского, 64.

«ОАО «Могилевоблпищепром» набирает торговых агентов
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«ОАО «Могилевоблпищепром» набирает торговых агентов по г. Минску и Минской области, г. Витебску и Витебской области, г. Гродно и Гродненской области, г. Бресту и Брестcкой области, г. Гомелю и Гомельской области.